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As we continue to develop our Web site and take advantage of advances in technology, our privacy policy may change. Please refer to this page frequently for the most up-to-date information.


How We Use The Information We Collect


We use the information we collect for various purposes, including:

  • to provide the services you request
  • to identify your product and service preferences so we can notify you of new or additional products, services, and promotions that might be of interest to you
  • to notify you of product recall or provide other information concerning products you have purchased

Please note that many promotions and mailings are completed well in advance, so you may continue to receive some offers after you ask us to stop sharing your information. We appreciate your patience in giving us time to carry out your request.


Cookies and How We Use Them


A “cookie” is a small data file stored by your Web browser on your computer’s hard drive. It allows us to recognize your computer (but not specifically who is using it) upon entering our site by associating the identification numbers in the cookie with other customer information you have provided us. That customer information is stored in our secured database.


We use cookies to identify the pages you click on during your visit to our site and the name of the Web site you visited immediately before navigating to ppleasysavings.com. We use this information to improve our site design, product assortments, customer service, and special promotions.


Accepting cookies through your Web browser is your personal choice. You can still view ppleasysavings.com even if you set your browser to disable cookies.




You will receive e-mails from us only if you have asked to receive them. Each time you receive an e-mail you will be given the opportunity to “opt-out” or stop receiving them.

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