Frequently Asked Questions

    •  1. What is the Energy Efficiency Kit and Education Program?

    The Energy Efficiency and Education Program is a FREE program offered by PPL Electric Utilities to income-qualified customers. The program includes a kit containing educational materials and several carefully selected, easy-to-install items for your home. When you install the items, you begin saving energy and money right away.

    • 2. Who is eligible to get a kit?

    The Energy Saving Kit Program is currently fully subscribed.

    • 3. How much does a kit cost?

    To help make it easier for your family to save, PPL Electric Utilities is offering this program at no-cost.

    • 4. What’s included in the kit?
    • 6 LED Light Bulbs
    • LED Night Light
    • FilterTone® Alarm, a furnace whistle
    • High-Efficiency Showerhead*
    • Kitchen Faucet Aerator*
    • Digital Thermometer
    • 1 roll of teflon tape*
    • 1 instruction booklet
    • 1 quick-start guide
    • 1 survey

      * Sent to those customers with electric water heaters
    • 5. How much can I save?

    Savings will vary for each household based on where the items are installed, the difference in efficiency between the old and new items and the energy-use behaviors of the household members. For instance, LED bulbs will use about 70-90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs that produce the same amount of light, but only 20-30% less than a CFL. To save the most, use the LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs in areas where the lights are on for a long time. Follow the instructions and suggestions included with the kit to increase your savings.

    • 6. Can I get more than one kit?

    Only one kit is available per home at this time.

    • 7. What if I have trouble installing one of the kit items?

    Visit Installation Videos to watch videos or download installation instructions.
    You can also call us at 888-647-3831.

    • 8. Why is PPL Electric Utilities offering the Energy Efficiency Kit and Education Program?

    PPL Electric Utilities is committed to helping you save energy, save money and live comfortably. We know managing household energy use can be a challenge and we are providing this program to help you reduce both your energy use and monthly electricity bill.

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